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Swiss Army “Super Tinker” Pocket Tool

I have alway loved Swiss Army tools since I was a kid. And have owned and carried many of them throughout the years, from the small executive-sized to some of the largest. All have been some of the most useful everyday carry items I've ever used. But at this point my favorite is the Super Tinker. It has the exact right mix of size and capabilities.

My VP gave me a great compliment when he described me as a Swiss Army knife in a session with about 50 or 60 of our leaders at VMware a couple of months ago. At the end of the session I got a laugh when asked what we had learned as I said, "That it's acceptable for your boss to call you a ‘tool’ in front of a group like this.” 🤣

We subsequently had a training where I actually had my knife and it was appropriate to use it. (I usually don't carry it on business trips because of flying, but this one was in Austin and I was able to drive.) The use was cutting duct tape that we were using in a team exercise. Fun and interesting skills development at one of the most powerful leadership training sessions I've ever been to: Extreme Ownership by Echelon Front.

Fitting that one of the participants that was at both events remarked, “Wow! Not only are you a Swiss Army knife, you have one, too!” 😆

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