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Coffee, anyone?

As part of downsizing, I don't have room for large coffee-making equipment. So what do you do when even traditional kitchen-sized coffee appliances are too large for your space, but you still love coffee? Several things. And this will start a series of posts on this topic …

Our America's sales leader at VMware Carbon Black Security got me started on Maxim Korean Coffee. (Thanks, Kathie!) Yes, it's instant. But there are several varieties and it is unique and quite tasty. This also won't be the last time you see some instant coffees on this list … this isn't the instant coffee of yesteryear!

It comes in small stick-like packs that are easy to store, travel with, open, and use. Just mix with hot water as it comes with sweetener and creamer. I have been drinking the original (red) that you see here, but there are other variants available in a variety pack if you want to give several a try before settling on your favorite.

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