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Sales Engineering Community in Utah

Been thinking for a while about creating a local Sales Engineering community that serves SEs and presales leaders in Utah. There are over 8500 technology companies in the state and although there are some organizations that have been created to serve the larger community, there was not one focused on Utah.

For those that are not aware, Utah has a thriving technology scene and the area south of Salt Lake — the IH-15 corridor in the Salt Lake Valley — has become known as the “Silicon Slopes” because it has so many tech companies that have locations or headquarters here and it is on the slopes of some truly world-class ski mountains and resorts.

There is even a not-for-profit organization that was founded by Utah tech entrepreneurs called Silicon Slopes that is helping grow awareness and serve the needs of the local tech community. I recently worked with them to create a Sales Engineering community and am announcing it here. It is directly available from the Community Chapters page on the Silicon Slopes website or can be found directly at

As part of this effort, the bylaws specify that we will need five local members to serve on the board of directors. Please feel free to join online at the links above and let me know if you are interested in serving as a board member, hosting an event, being a sponsor, or are curious to know more or become involved in any way.

I am looking forward to meeting more local presales professionals, providing opportunities to network, enhancing presales skills and capabilities, and helping grow careers through this community!

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