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Outdoorsy RV Rentals

Some of you may know that I have a travel trailer. You can check it out, see photos, and rent it online at 2015 Airstream International Serenity. It's a great trailer and we have enjoyed it a lot. It has been a very popular rental online, as well.

Speaking of online … I started listing it last year on a site called Outdoorsy. It's like Airbnb for campers or recreational vehicles of all sorts and allows their owners to rent them out when otherwise they would go unused.

Outdoorsy is a cool site and I encourage folks looking for RVs or travel trailers to check it out. It is also a great place to rent your camper or motorhome if you are not full-timing in it.

They have a special referral where you can use the following link to get $50 off a rental!

(NOTE: I may receive an affiliate commission from the links above.)

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