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The creators of Basecamp have created a new email service called Hey and it is free to trial for two weeks, after which you can subscribe for $99 / year.

While you cannot (yet) use your own domain and Hey doesn't sit atop an existing email platform that you may already use, you can forward your emails from widely avaiable services your account on Hey. I created and have been using it for about a week now.

They have a good FAQ page that answers most of the questions you may have. They have also written The HEY Way Manifesto, an email manifesto. And you can take a look at the features, too, to see if this may be for you. They really do think differently about email and offer you an alternative to new ways of thinking and questioning assumptions about email and the ways we have all come to deal with it.

There are things that are still not perfect and it is still a work in process. But if you can afford it the $99 annual fee is worth it if only to contribute to the transformation of email! It was an invite-only service, but they recently opened up to everyone and have clients for web, Mac, Windows, IOS, Android, etc.

There are some rough edges. I tried to BCC: a group of recipients and you must have at least one TO: address. (This may be a bug and I have raised it with Hey Support.) Also, there is a workflow for The Feed where you put things like social media update, company news, newsletters, etc. for later reading. However, it's a bit push stack of everything you put there and although it's beautiful … you cannot remove items from it later and there is no way to see what you've already read. These are design choices with reasonable explanations, so maybe it is just the way I have come to expect things to work.

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