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Employment and Personal Branding

Here are some resources that I've come across recently that may help some of you that are looking for employment.

Runs CareerFrames and can help you with a nice resume and LinkedIn profile if you need to update yours and are looking to present a professional profile that increases your visibility and helps your accomplishments and talents get noticed.

If you need personal brand help, particularly for LinkedIn, Brittany can help. She has an online course that details how to get clear on your message and use social media to brand yourself and be known.

The Self Made Millennial is a career and job search advice channel on YouTube that Madeline founded and she has been in many hiring management positions that led her to become an expert in helping her clients brand themselves through their resumes and not only get the interview, but get hired. She is known for her "GLORY" and "Barney" methods for helping define your story, accomplishments, and impact. She also advocates networking — and prescribes a method for doing so — that increases the hiring odds in your favor.

Austin focuses on candidates without ideal qualifications or backgrounds — at least on paper — and having been a non-traditional candidate that came up with some great ideas for networking and being hired himself, this is the focus of his company Cultivated Culture.

Runs a career and resume service called Write Step Resumes and offers resume writing, job search, interview coaching, and more.

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