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Better Power, Part 2 — 30A Shore Connection

There's a better way to connect your RV to shore power than the old 30A twist-lock that has been in use forever. SmartPlug is a modern, safer, and more convenient method for connecting your boat, camper or motorhome to shore power that is easier and safer as it provides more contact surface, requires no twist, has a positive locking mechanism that is easier to insert and activate … it's just so much better!

Although they have many options available, I chose the following kit because my camper uses 30A service. It took me <30 mins to grab the tools and change my old connections both on my camper and on my existing cord. And they have black, white, grey, and stainless covers to match the rest of your rig.

Love it and wish it had come from the factory or that I'd upgraded sooner! Order yours today!!!

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